Case-Shiller Home Price Index Update for Portland Oregon - November 2015
The widely watched Case-Shiller home price index published monthly by Standard & Poor’s was released today for the month ending September 2015. There is always a two-month lag time for the data in this report. The index for the Portland Oregon metro area was measured to be 188.0 at the end of September, which means that the average price for a home in this area is up 88.0% from the […]Read the rest of this entry »
Paul and Verna Winkelman Park
The residents of Cooper Mountain in the Aloha area of Beaverton were most likely hopeful about the prospect of a new park in their proximity when Paul and Verna Winkelman donated their farm to the Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District in 1998. With With Phase One of the park complete in June 2013, the nearby neighborhoods, housing two former Street of Dreams projects, must be thrilled with the outcome. […]Read the rest of this entry »
The housing industry recovery has been underway for a while now, but for the most part, the upward movement has been moving at a snail’s pace. Experts are in broad agreement that the trend is there — but the turnaround rate has been tepid. For those of us watching from our local Portland area perspective, it’s been a pretty unexciting rebound. So last week’s good national news on existing home […]Read the rest of this entry »
The mortgage industry has changed substantially since 2007, when the opportunities for “house flipping” as an investment strategy were widespread. Today, for investors seeking to take advantage of short sales and foreclosures in the Portland area, those changes are especially meaningful. One of the after effects of the subprime mortgage meltdown is the way banks now treat mortgage lending. Every banking organization has developed new approaches for handling foreclosures and […]Read the rest of this entry »
Many eager first-time homebuyers were sidelined by the worldwide economic recession. It’s hard to commit to any decision – much less such a major one – when you read almost daily that the market is falling or downward pressure continues. Who needs any kind of  pressure? So it’s not surprising that, after such an exceptionally lengthy period of down or nearly flat economic expansion, the optimism that drives sales of […]Read the rest of this entry »
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