Some breakthrough good news has come to light. It deals with first-time home buyers. Across the U.S., first-time home buyers have been staging a disappearing act for a worrisome long time. The causes were pretty universal across much of the country: a sluggish economic recovery and tight labor market contributed to the national phenomenon. Rises in Portland residential prices haven’t helped those seeking to become new homeowners locally. For Portland […]Read the rest of this entry »
If you listen to the Chairman of the Index Committee at Standard & Poors-Dow Jones, the nation’s housing market has reached an important milestone—one likely to be appreciated by real estate holders—Portland homeowners and investors included. The gentleman in the spotlight is David Blitzer, who is the head man when it comes to the S&P Case-Shiller Index, the most widely-respected measure of housing activity. Mr. Blitzer’s comments were aimed at […]Read the rest of this entry »
Lake Oswego Real Estate Market Update - November 2016
The Lake Oswego real estate market finished October with 89 closed sales, which is between the 116 & 78 closed sales recorded during the prior months of August and September respectively. Of the 89 closed sales in October, none were distressed properties (foreclosures/short sales) representing 0% of the closed sales for the month. As of the end of October, distressed properties accounted for 2% of the active listing inventory. There […]Read the rest of this entry »
Last week, when Portland mortgage rates began to rise abruptly, you’d have to say that it was actually a double-barreled surprise. In addition to the sudden blip up on the mortgage rate charts, there was the second shocker: that so many expert observers were taken by surprise. Even though the actual rise in mortgage rates was what Zillow’s chief economist called “a relatively modest” increase, it prompted The New York […]Read the rest of this entry »
When you see any title here containing the words “Portland Real Estate Investment,” you won’t be terribly surprised if the gist turns out to be what a good idea! When you’ve had the experience of seeing clients succeed with many real estate investment projects, it’s an unavoidable conclusion. Unfortunately, also pretty yawn-worthy. That’s why I was pleased to come across Grant Cardone’s piece in Entrepreneur magazine. We all like to […]Read the rest of this entry »
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