Why Hire Us?

Out of the thousands of agents who hold a real estate license in the Portland metro area why should you choose to hire our team to help buy or sell your next home which for most people is the largest financial investment they ever make?

For these 3 important reasons: EXPERIENCE, RESULTS & VALUE!


For over 12 years now we’ve proudly delivered superior RESULTS for our clients and have gained invaluable EXPERIENCE from successfully guiding our valued clients through hundreds of purchases & sales.

We’re proud of what our past clients have to say about their EXPERIENCE working with us:  Client Testimonials

We’re often asked “What area or part of town do you work?”  The short answer to that question is just about everywhere!  See a Google map showing the past several years of clients that we’ve had the pleasure to represent:  Client Experience Map


When measuring RESULTS for our seller clients, we track 3 key performance metrics to gauge our effectiveness vs the market averages.  Those 3 key metrics are:

  1. Listings sold to listings taken ratio
  2. Sale price to original list price ratio
  3. Average days on market for sold listings

Basically, (1) What percent of the time did we get the home sold for the seller?, (2) How much of a discount did the seller have to take from their original asking price to get the home sold?, and (3) How much time did it take to find a buyer and get in contract?

Here are our RESULTS vs. the “average” agent:

Listing Performance Metrics - December 2017

So, based on this data we: (1) were 18% more effective in getting our properties sold; (2) delivered 3.1% more of the seller’s original list price (about $12K more to the seller on the sale of a $400K property); and (3) took 19 days less to get our clients properties sold when compared against the “average” agent.

When interviewing an agent (or agents) for the job of selling your most valuable asset we would highly recommend you ask them what their performance stats are.  Surprisingly, most agents will have no idea what their stats are because they don’t track it.


When looking at VALUE for our clients we believe in charging a reasonable fee for our full representation listing services that is both fair to the seller, fair to us and ultimately causes their home to sell.  In most cases we charge a total commission of 4.5% (never more) to the seller vs. the traditional 6% listing commission in the industry.  We keep 2% of that to exclusively represent the seller and offer a traditional 2.5% co-op commission to the buyers agent.

When you pair our competitive commission structure with the superior RESULTS achieved we’re proud of the tremendous VALUE we deliver to our seller clients!

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