My newest obsession is a little neighborhood in West Linn I call “Old Willamette” – its the historic part of West Linn – to the south of all the new development tucked between I-205 and the Tualatin and Willamette Rivers.  Willamette is a recent addition to the National Register of Historic Places.  To me its the perfect combo of old homes with character and modern, hippie, eclectic Portland – all in the ‘burbs.  For those Portlanders who don’t want to pay Multnomah County taxes and can’t afford First Addition prices but still want to be able to live in an early twentieth century home and walk to the local coffee shop for their morning cup of joe, its really a location to consider.  This neighborhood is home to West Linn’s Farmer’s Market as well as a mix of shops and restaurants.  Willamette Primary School is right in the neighborhood and just a stroll away is Willamette Park where the Tualatin and Willamette Rivers meet.  Five minutes and you can be cruising up Highway 43 to Lake Oswego and John’s Landing or heading west to Wanker’s Corner where you can take Stafford into Palisades or continue on Borland to Tualain.  One minute and you can hop on I-205 or over to the grocery store to pick up some groceries.  But why head to the grocery store when your neighbor across the street raises chickens that produce the best eggs available this side of the Portland Farmer’s Market?  I used to say only in Portland…but now maybe in West Linn too – who would have thought it?

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